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Meet Dr. Sarita Prasad & Janet Holland

Dr. Sarita Prasad

Dr. Prasad is a board-certified Functional Medicine and Family Medicine physician who is passionate about finding the root cause of illness. She takes the approach of healing the mind, body, and soul. She has always been passionate about seeking answers to complex problems and believes that a comprehensive approach can really address the mental health crisis in our society. She strongly believed in the capacity of mind and body to overcome even the driest circumstances and for all human beings to live to the fullest.


She finished her Residency in Family medicine in 2007 from UIC. Very early in her professional career, she noticed that our conventional healthcare system is a revolving door for chronic conditions. Considering that the prevalence of depression, anxiety, and other mental health illnesses is increasing despite the use of antidepressants and other conventional treatments, she uses a framework of finding the root cause with an evidence-based lens. She is determined to look beyond the pharmaceutical-based treatment and find solutions that are more holistic with gentle natural treatments and encompass prevention. When not in the office, Dr. Prasad teaches medical students from the Mercer Medical School. She enjoys traveling, fishing, cooking, yoga, meditation, and long walks with her family.


Janet Holland

Janet Holland is a highly skilled physician's assistant who believes in treating the whole body and getting to the root cause of illnesses. She approaches patients with thoroughness and compassion, always striving to expand her knowledge and incorporate new modalities into her treatment plans based on her patient needs. Janet has outstanding experience with mental health and exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. She integrates micronutrients, herbal supplementation, and alternative therapies into her treatment approaches.


Janet holds certifications in Functional Medicine and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physician Assistant. Her expertise spans various areas, including depression, mood and anxiety disorders, brain neurotransmitters, endocrinology and thyroid management. Her commitment to ongoing education and certification underscores her dedication to delivering high-quality care. While not in the office, Janet enjoys meditation, yoga, cooking, travelling and much more!

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